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Jeff Bezos – "What's dangerous is not to evolve"

Amazon may have started out simply, selling books online, but these days it peddles everything from pickled carrots to two-carat diamond rings. The Internet’s biggest retailer says it logged the best holiday season in its history despite the rough economy. CEO Jeff Bezos credits the $4 billion the company spent on R&D over the past decade.

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Derek Ramkissoon: Helpfast Personnel Inc Extended – Whatido

Derek Ramkissoon
Business Owner of an employment agency who believes people are God’s greatest assists. The day Derek bought the company, business doubled in one day. He believes that giving is a key biblical principle so the company helps feed and clothe over 90 children per year. Plus, as a direct result of obeying God to give, Derek transforms his company into an exciting church on the weekends helping to care and love the needy.
Contact: Derek Ramkissoon, c/o Helpfast Personnel Incorporated
5920 Atlantic Drive, Mississauga, ON L4W 1N6

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