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Evolve 2nd Fridays at Era Art Bar (Monthly Dance Party) – Oakland, CA 94612 Jippidy.com


Evolve at Era Art Bar & Lounge
Every 2nd Friday
19 Grand Avenue
Oakland, CA 94612
(510) 832-4400

Music by
David Harness, Rahiem Jihad, Soul Luciani

Through history the sacred element of music has been the binding agent for cultures around the world. Its potency lies in its ability to bring people together, connecting the disconnected and allowing the unseen and unheard to become present. It allows us to free our minds as our bodies rejoice in celebration. It is our intent to present these aspects of life in a modern day context as everything must
Evolve. This Must Be The Place


For more videos, visit http://www.jippidy.com

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