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Evolve | Meet the Hunters: Trapper Class

What’s up!

Next up we have the Trappers which includes Abe, Maggie/Daisy, and Griffin. Each character has the tools to control the Monsters movement.
Let me know what weapons and abilities you think would be awesome on a DLC Trapper character. Hope you guys enjoy the series and stay tuned for a ton of new content!

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  1. Here is my trapper.
    Regular short/mid range pistol
    Gravity trap/pistol: throw down landmines or fire them directly and they will pull the monster in the other direction.
    Laser guided machine gun.

  2. I think that like maggie with her pet daisy the next character should come with a bird that you can control like the support class robots head. And I also think the trapper should get a sniper rifle with tracking/Tranquilizer shots. It should be another woman character. Just because.

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