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King Liar

Satyanarayanan (Dileep) has unfortunately evolved into an obsessive compulsive liar, ever since an untoward incident during his boyhood had ended up in his being expelled from school. He pretends to be a hi-fi business magnate before Anjali (Madonna Sebastian) whom he has been trying to impress for a while. A highly sceptical Anjali however does not give in to his charms, until he convinces her that he is pally with none other than Anand Verma (Lal), the fashion mogul. Anand meanwhile has his own battles to fight, and hires Satyanarayanan to win back his wife Devika Verma (Asha Sharath), with whom he’s on the brink of estrangement. Off Satyanarayanan flies to Dubai where Devika Verma is, with his aide Antappan (Balu Varghese) in tow, with hopes of making Devika Verma see some sense. While ‘King Liar’ has a strictly watchable former half, courtesy a few harmless laughs that Satyanarayanan and Antappan cook up, the film plunges into a chaotic latter half that throws in plenty of kookiness that isn’t very easy to handle. The laughter quotient that was to make the move work touches an all time low as well, much to viewer’s chagrin.

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