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How The Alien Movie Series Evolved

The Alien series of films include six films, with the series´ first entry in 1979 and its latest in 2017. Here I’ll be looking at those films and discussing how they’ve changed. I’ll also be briefly talking about the alien versus predator films. Now at the time of making this the latest film, Alien Covenant, has only recently been released, so if you haven’t seen it know that I won’t be talking about it and spoiling it until the end of this video.

Films mentioned: Alien (1979), HR Giger’s Alien (1979) Aliens (1986), Predator 2 (1990), Alien 3 (1992), The Making Of Alien 3 (1992), Alien Resurrection (1997), Super Firepower: The Making Of Aliens (2003), One Step Beyond: The Making Of Alien Resurrection (2003), Alien Vs Predator (2004), Alien Vs Predator Requiem (2007), Prometheus (2012), Prometheus Behind The Scenes (2012), Alien: Covenant (2017).

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  1. I never watched Resurrection in English and didn't remember the Walmart buying WY bit.
    I always imagined that the evil megacorp would've been destroyed after being gloriously exposed by some Ripley-esque underdog, surviving another one of their shady, xenomorph related shenanigans but DAMN!! Bought by Freaking Walmart? Now that's humiliating.

  2. I've worked with Cameron. They didn't like Cameron because he was an abusive asshole who sets the crew against himself almost immediately. He makes good films, but alienates (heh) everyone around him, to do it. The actors don't notice this because he coddles the actors. (which you have to do. They're like skittish race horses.) No one gives a shit whether the last movie was done by someone else. Career technicians have worked for dozens, if not hundreds, of helms. They just don't like to be treated like shit. That part of your take comes from inexperience.

  3. Prometheus, on reflection, seems to me to be confused at best, and a pretentious exercise at worst. It has the pretence of being a thoughtful thinking-man's science fiction film, asking all these grand lofty questions that aren't explored and go nowhere, as if just merely posing the question is enough, and then degenerates into action body horror shlock by the end. It's trying to fuse two concepts that just don't belong together. Either make a thoughtful science fiction film, or make a body horror Alien prequel. It can't, and shouldn't, be both.

    The prequel elements are the weakest, since it ruins the mystique of the Xenomorph. The science fiction elements don't reach the heady heights they promise, and come off more as the ravings of a conspiracist lunatic who just watched Ancient Aliens, fused with someone who understands nothing about neither science or religion, so the presentation of both is insulting. I mean, what kind of scientist acts like the jackholes we see in this film? What kind of religious person justifies their faith with "I just choose to believe it LOL".

  4. I saw the older alien movies recently. I find prometheus and covenant Is Much more entertaining might Be That i am s SCI fi Guy and new trek doesnt provide me with good material to tought than it does imitate socia commentary wich i and many others do not appreciate. The moment when alien feels more trekky than picard.

  5. Yeah you summed it up nicely towards the end. In the old way of film making, some things were left to the imagination. In modern film making, the lore is covered in way too much detail, every character has an intricate backstory, the characters in the backstory have backstories. Frankly I often find the backstories created by my imagination to be far more interesting.

  6. I disagree. I think Alien 3 was the best film of the series. I thought the screenplay was much more daring and David Fincher's directorial debut had great cinematography. He managed to piss of the studio so you know he was trying something different. Watch the directors cut vs the theatrical. It has more footage that really makes it more interesting. Trapped on a planet with no weapons. Skinheads in space. Loved it. Underrated and before it's time IMO.

  7. the problem with Alien is after the little feller exploded out of John Hurt's chest they didn't offer him any of their dinner and so the Alien got his feelings hurt and he run off and planned his vengeance, if only they had offered it food things might have been different, we all know little newborns need food and that's a scientific fact.

  8. I really enjoy your analysis, this was like my third of your videos I have watched but this is my first comment for you.

    Aliens 1-4 all held a story line or time line depending how you see it. They worked within the parameters of the original movie yet evolve them not completely change them. AVP is a fun and exciting confrontation and if they made more of them like the second I would definitely like to go watch but I agree as far as continuing the alien franchise they don't really go anywhere.
    Prometheus and covenant in my opinion are just Hollywood trying to cash in on a franchises success without doing the work. They pose more questions than they answer, the aliens are whatever the hell they want them to be for no reason and the story is the same as any horror movie, wander off by yourself bad things happen.
    You could nitpick about technological differences between all these movies in a time line, I would agree you have a right to do so. As far as I'm concerned, if you want to sell tickets stay true to the original, if you want to add something new evolve what's already there don't completely change it!
    My two cents…..

  9. Just found this guy and honestly had no idea i was watching a video from 2017, his content holds up and is solid with its delivery.
    Cant wait to binge all of your vids brother~

  10. I've seen Alien, Aliens, Prometheus and Covenant. I love all four of the and it was actually Covenant that captured my love for the franchise despite having seen AvP in 2004. I haven't seen an official Alien movie until Prometheus, but Covenant won me over. Aliens is probably my least favorite of these 4 mainly because I like the thriller aspect of the other three, but I still loved Aliens. Still haven't seen 3 or Resurrection, but I plan to in the next couple of days.

  11. Wrong,wrong,wrong / the first “ Alien “ / John Carpenter and Dan O’Brien, it’s actually their baby. Darkstar was the first of any alien movies. One of the better low budget movies I’ve watched. There was even a scene where an actor was on LSD how cool is that? Dan and John were buddies in college raise 50,000

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