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Ark Top 6 Aberration Creatures! Ark Survival Evolved Aberration

Hi everyone today we’re discussing the top 6creatures in Ark aberration! Hope you all enjoy!!

A huge thank you to all the subscribers and everyone else for the support keep it up, everyone 🙂

Ark survival evolved

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  1. Sad… I've been watching alot of your videos.. turns out this is the one that shows actually how little you know about the game, and like most youtubers, you spend most of your time in creative. Rock drakes are an extremity valuable tame (surface drops.. duh?) To not even put them on the list.. I mean.. da fuq. Not only that, but once you have one drake you can pull so many eggs that taming a basi is ridiculously easy. Basicilsks can damage metal, have an AOE poison attack like a poison wyvern, can hide underground, and they're pretty fast, sure there turning sucks. But you left 2 of the best tames (and fairly easy to get from an experienced or researched player) out of the list. And replaced them with shinehorn and rollrat.. oh also. You cant tame a reaper queen.. duh.. and to get a reaper KING it's best to get impregnated by the queen using a rock drake..

  2. i got mine to 250% movement speed and its pretty good and the first thing i didwith it was pick up a stego and use that stego to beat a bronto to death which is the most fucking amazing thing ever………

  3. “These guys have nothing on Trexes” “Trexes have nothing on this guy” which one is it? Megalo has no advantages over rex or rex has no advantages over megalo? Make up your damn mind

  4. Yo I know I’m a few years late, but honestly why are you people so mad about him accidentally putting in a reaper queen? It’s easily confused with king, and essentially looks exactly the same aside from a few things. Do you expect a refund? Do you want him to re-edit the whole video which is a pain in the ass? You know he meant reaper king so just move on.

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