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From 0 To ???- Solo Official Small Tribe PvP Servers | Ark Survival Evolved

Wassup Watcher!
Welcome to My Solo Life Official Small Tribe Ark PvP Servers Let’ Play, Hope you enjoy it don’t forget to Subscribe and turn on notifications to never miss an upload! Bosh!

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Solo Official PvP Life!
Solo Official PvP on the official Servers! I will show you all the good stuff and the bad stuff of solo from Raiding to PvP! I’m your everyday player that will try new things and make mistakes! I will be jumping servers to raid all the time in the hope to find some Amazing loot!

Playlist for new Servers…

Playlist for season 1 on old servers!…

Check out the ARK: Survival Evolved Guides and builds Here…

And the rest of the playlist can be found here so take a look!…

The music in this video and all my videos come from NoCopyrightSounds on youtube…
And Also
Audio Library – No Copyright Music on youtube…
So go have a look at the videos!

The intro was made by WonderAsifch So take a look at their channel!…

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  1. Well actually I’m proud to say that ark official isn’t infact ‘dead’ fully, just that unofficial is more popular, and I’m writing this in 2020, ark is still the goat 🐐of games!!!

  2. With all the discussion of vaping, it would be nice if streamers would admit the harmful effects and discourage viewers from vaping, rather than defending their actions or acting like it's no big deal. It's a bad habit, and we're still learning just how harmful it is to health. Streamers have a responsibility to discourage viewers, particularly young viewers, from harming themselves by emulating foolish habitual behavior.

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