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India's Most Luxurious Resort – Evolve Back, Coorg | Complete Experience and Impressions

More Details About the Resort in my Blog: https://doctourer.com/2018/09/27/indias-most-luxurious-resort-evolve-back-coorg-complete-experience-and-impressions/

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What is up guys and welcome to yet another video. . So after driving for 1300 km from home we finally reached Coorg
In this Video i am going to be sharing my experience and impressions of one of India most luxurious resorts
Evolve Back, Coorg – Orange County

Location: The Resort is Located just a few kilometers from the small town of madikeri. It spreads across 20 acres of land and is surrounded by dense forests, coffee and rice plantations.

Philosophy: The Resorts main philosophy is what they call as sustainable tourism. They Believe in renewable energy, no use of plastics, and minimal water wastage, believe me when I say that, they don’t even use Pens. They have their own water recycling plant and RO plants for drinking water in every room

And the name evolve back comes from the thought process that we as humans are striving so much in search for the perfect life which mostly material, that sometimes we forget the only true happiness you can achieve is when you are on with nature as you are also a part of it. And the resort is built around this idea which makes you feel as close to nature as possible

Overall Experience: Overall we had the best time of our lives and I will not be forgetting this experience any time soon. The place really does take you back to your human roots and makes you realize how being close to nature helps you truly find yourself.

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  1. Thank you everyone for showing so much love foe this video. 👍👍

    I am seeing a lot of confusion among the viewers, so to clear things

    1. The cost per night is not 40K. In Fact it is less than half of that. Rates depend on season/demand and best to contact the resort for the latest prices.
    2. This was not a paid promotion and these are my genuine thoughts about this place.


  2. we have such places in hrishikesh n uttarkhand also. rishikonda in vizag is also serene. but coorg has close proximity to bangaluru…thats y it is so costly here. ooty is also over priced. i have been to blore n ootynot coorg

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