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ARK: Survival Evolved – Sideways Skyscraper (Speed Build)

Genesis is coming in January for ARK: Survival Evolved. On this channel, you will see the most mind blowing base buildings ever when Genesis goes live. I will be making tons of ARK Speed Build videos then. But in the meantime, Here is a list of the ARK videos I am the happiest with.

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Minas Tirith from the Lord of the Rings
The Falcon Keep
Tek Star Pyramid
The White House
Castle Dragonheart
Desert Pyramid

Quetzal Platform Pyramid
Forest Titan Treehouse Mansion
Desert Titan Sand Castle
Forest Titan Tek Treehouses
Mosasaurus Platform Base
Pirate Ship Platform Base
Titanosaurus Sky Castle

3 Beautiful Houses
5 Epic Medieval Castles
3 Motorboat Platform Bases

00:00 Ark: Abberation Theme – Gareth Coker
02:25 300 Violins – Jorge Quintero/Ender Guney
05:49 Ark: End Credits – Gareth Coker
10:20 Jökull (Piano Version) – Alexander Nakarada
14:32 Traveler – Alexander Nakarada
18:42 Jökull (Metal Version) – Alexander Nakarada
22:48 Dark Blade – Maki Symphony
24:26 Falketind – Edvard Bolås

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  1. Welp i have 0 clue how you get a fucking triangle ceiling to snap to a slanted triangle roof 😂 this isnt vanilla as theirs legit 0 snap points without glitching the strucs on a platform saddle or platform sat there for fucking hours to realize theres no physical way without a massive amount of time snapping the structures off a quetz plat 😂😂

  2. Id do us all a favor and delete your video or make it private as ark took out that snap point months ago its unbuildable on any server without nofoundationsupport turned on and i highly doubt it works then 😂 just a bunch of fucking clickbait for people trying to slanted build as you waste hours of peoples time rather than updated your fucking title nonworking snap points

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