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Jabra Evolve 75 – Open Office Mic Test!

Wow! Take a listen for yourself and let us know what you think! The Evolve 75 seems like a fantastic headset for loud office environments.

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Jabra Evolve 75


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  1. Blown away. I'm looking forward to receiving mine but if it does this well in airports and other noisy environments I will be very impressed! Thanks for a great, realistic demo.

  2. I work in a large call center where we sit relatively close together at open tables. Sometimes, I'm surrounded by 100 people all talking at once which produces a loud drone over which customers sometimes complain because they can't hear me very well. I can mute the line when I'm not talking but I can't do anything about the noise when I have to speak, except try to talk over everyone else. Currently, I'm using a Jabra UC Voice 150, what I was given by my employer. The 150 purportedly has a noise-canceling mic but it's right next to worthless in my application. The Evolve 75 seems light years ahead of that. From watching this video as well as your other mic tests, I get the impression that this mic may pick up the people on either side of me (at a lower volume which I can easily talk over) but the loud drone of blended voices will largely be suppressed. Do you think I have an accurate impression of what this microphone can do? I'm willing to consider another headset if you have a different recommendation for my application but, of the mics you've tested in your videos, I also like the voice transmission of this one the best because it sounds more natural than the others.

  3. What is the best version for someone working from home constantly on conference calls? Evolve 75, 75e or engage? I am not exactly on an open office environment. I do get background noise of people talking or dogs barking during my meetings. Not sure what version best suits my needs. Thoughts?

  4. These have been my life work life changing device. One issue: they are delicate… the boom when lifted is in mute. Doing this often during each call made me tear the cable that goes from the mic to the mainboard, since it passes through a whole in the silicate board, of course slightly sharp. Made to break – aweful design in that component. Should be replaced also out of warranty as this can happen in 6 months like me or in 2 years if you hardly use the lift-boom-to-mute function. Modifying them is possible but not easy – the cable is routed in a wrong way: ideally one should buy, open, de solder, open up the whole, put a rounded belt-hole-like metal protection, re pass the cable and resolder. Don't see anyone doing this (I will try 😉 but it should be done before using them for long… the rubber around the cable gets literally sawed down / torn – I have pictures if anyone is interested…
    Still, the best all rounder. One more thing I'd like is to have a 3.5 jack option as well: long talks over the mobile would be nice without a bluetooth antenna frying one's brian.

  5. I have the Jabra evolve 75- and what a great headset if I wanted to upgrade my headset what would you consider?? (I work at a call center) I’ve been looking at-
    1. Plantronics Voyager 8200.
    2. Jabra elite 85h.
    3. Sony wh1000xm3.
    Or I’m i looking at the wrong headsets what would you recommend??

  6. Great video. I'm torn between the Jabra Evolve 75 and the Jabra Engage 75 Stereo headsets. I work in a home office and use my iPhone to make calls. Note, I am on the phone most of the day, so comfort and battery life are important. Also, I have a dog and young kids in the home, so I am also looking for a quality microphone that can cancel out these noises in the background. Which model would you suggest?

  7. Hey! How does the Jabra Evolve 75 compare to the Blueparrot 450 in regards to mic background noise cancellation for voices specifically. Ive seen the video with the vacuums but I want to know if its comparable to the Evolve 75 with blocking out other voices.

  8. Ok, I am working from home these COVID-19 days, and I have the Jabra Evolve 75. The sound quality of music playing in my ears is great and the ANC reduces the volume of noise in the background to an acceptable level. I however have a problem with the Mic. My wife is also working from home these days and my kids stay home as well. When I call people they say that they hear almost as well what my wife is saying to my kids (in the other side of the living room) as what I am saying. Therefor I do not understand this video. Is my mic a hyper-sensitive one or have I been speaking to vampires or something?! 😉

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