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How to build a cheap Argentavis trap | ARK: Survival Evolved | Building Tips

For some reason Argy traps have never really evolved in ARK: Survival evolved. For years, the go to trap has been a stack of dino gates. There’s nothing wrong with such a trap, but if you are out and about with nothing but a pick and hatchet you’ll want to be as quick as possible getting your trap built. That’s where the fatdog trap comes in handy, at least 5 times cheaper than the simplest of dino gate traps!

170 stone
95 wood
69 thatch

2 stone fence supports
1 stone door frame
1 reinforced door
1 stone hatchframe
2 stone railings

Music: Density & Time – COAST
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  1. You now need a foundation in range of a fence foundation in order to stack another one on top of it. But you can pick up or destroy the foundation once you've finished stacking fence foundations. You can use a triangle fence foundation (they're cheaper on material cost). Get your two fence foundations in place, then remove the triangle foundation before it's pickup timer expires. However I've found however that the trap has no issues with having it based on a regular stone foundation. So you can do that as well. It's still cheaper and quicker time and material wise. Just one more step and piece.

    Also be courteous. If you are not going to destroy the trap when finished with it. Unlock the door and maybe leave a sign that says it's unlocked. That way others can make use of your map detritus. Saves others a little bit of time and I'm sure someone will appreciate it.

  2. Does not work anymore, sadly. Now it needs foundations nearby so the trapdor on top dies not work and you cant place the fence any more. Tried it in several places and ways. But…as it did get placed once…it worked out, nice video

  3. Simply change out some parts to :
    1 Foundation
    1 Wall
    1 Door frame
    1 Door
    2 stone railing
    1 Stone Hatchframe
    Simple as that, all you need is a foundation support which you get from… the foundation 🙂

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