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Toni-Ann Singh from Jamaica crowned Miss World | GMA

For the first time in history, five black women are 2019’s major pageant queens!

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  1. I don't understand why is it different & why is it a shock when a black woman win's the crown? Its such a shame when people differentiate between black & white.

    And more shocking is in so many years of Miss World contest only 5 dark (black) ladies won the crown?

    Shame on the judges and shame on Miss World organisation to think so small.

    Everyone should be treated equal.
    For no one has seen God, who knows God has a BLACK skin colour too?

  2. This contest is actually not a beauty contest as beautiful elements have no role in winning this contest. The most beautiful woman of the world should actually be the most beautiful. A most beautiful woman is defined as a woman with white complexion, attractive face, straight hair, attractive full figured structure and pleasant voice. I do not like this contest as the terms and conditions related to the selection of contestants and qualification of levels are irrational. The winner named Toni ann from Jamaica is not at all beautiful. The looks and voice of the winner are actually very repulsive.
    Also, there are creatures on the planet who use abusive language against those who dislike Toni ann through online postings. A legal action should be taken against those who use abusive language. Use of abusive language is an offence. These offenders are violent and uncivilized and therefore their account should be blocked.

  3. Congrats Toni Ann. What a great ambassador you are for Jamaica. Thank you for representing us so well.
    There is one flaw I see in this and other competitions of this sort. Everybody is asked the question in English and is expected to respond in English. The responses to the questions bear some weight, so I think people should be asked questions in their own languages and be allowed to respond in their own languages and then the responses can be interpreted in English. The native English speakers have an advantage, in my opinion.

  4. Her last name is Singh she also has Indian roots , they should say women of colour no? Nonetheless, she's beautiful…congrats to her and Jamaica.. the entire west indies takes pride in this accomplishment….xo ( trini neighbour) 💛

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