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FINALLY Taming the Almighty COLOSSUS MEGALODON! | ARK Survival Evolved Jurassic #68

Welcome to Jurassic ARK!
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Disclaimer: Battery Drainer is a parody, and not a real product available for purchase.

Modpack information:

Game.ini https://pastebin.com/s1Zbnk1e
GameUserSettings.ini https://pastebin.com/EE1xwuQg

#ArkSurvivalEvolved #JurassicPark #Dinosaurs

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  1. in island 28 dinos are about to be born with minimal people watching them ice cave defense low you want giga and mana and those aberration spitters this is your place to raid now

  2. Whole would of rather gotten Blackhole Drainer instead of raid why can you use the Blackhole have any brothers or sisters or people you hate stick that in there char spot the ultimate revenge >:)

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