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How Has the paper Mario Battle System Evolved!? (Evolution of All Games)

We are looking at and discussing every paper Mario battle system and seeing how it has changed over the years and what made it great!

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Intro- Super Mario World: GFM Trap Remix

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  1. I see all the butthurt paper mario fans commenting how bad the battle system has gotten while really they are all decent systems. Just fanboys crying about how SS and CS arent like TTYD/SPM battle systems lol

  2. 64 & TYD had basically the same battle system, but Super strayed away from that system to the befuddlement of long-time fans.
    SS & CS had basically the same battle system, but Origami King will stray away from that system to the septical optimism of long-time fans.
    Funny contrast between the two trilogies.

  3. I’ve never played a paper Mario game before so I’m going to try origami king out, but I’m not sure if I will like it. I haven’t played many RPGs and I still don’t understand what they are, but from games with turn-based combat I’ve played I haven’t enjoyed that combat style. But I’ve heard people say paper mario is different. Games I haven’t like are Mario + Rabbids and Pokemon with the turn based combat

  4. Here's the thing. All Paper Mario Games are good. The fans are what is bringing them down. And I don't mean the thing sticker/card. I mean the community is the reason why the games are seen as good or bad. They're just too involved with the past games and wanna stick to the same formula and have it never change. But that would mean Nintendo couldn't experiment with their games and find out different ways of gameplay. Sure, some experiments are not the best, but what it does is that it teaches Nintendo that they need to execute the idea a lot better and improve on it. Take Sticker Star and Color Splash for example. I've only played Color Splash and SPM, but from what I've seen of Sticker Star. It doesn't really look that bad. You gotta realize that the 3DS is a weaker console so it might not have the greatest visuals if all time so they worked with what they got. Also, the battle system introduced new ways of fighting with the Stickers. It was to teach people how to use them properly and which ones would work for certain situations. The battle system is fine to me, but I feel that it wasn't executed in the best of ways. That's where Color Splash came in. It's a stronger system so they have more to work with. The idea of one use items returned. You might say that it is worse than Sticker Star. I say that it improved it. Now there are multiple times where simple enemy battles are mandatory and you can't just run away constantly. You also have to conserve paint for the cards you want to use and defeating enemies is the best way to do. A lot of people say that they're always running low on cards but I barely ran out of cards. You also say that it's a problem that thing cards are required in boss fights. Well guess what? It's called go and explore the game. This game is a level based game, but feels more open then one might think with secrets to be discovered and some areas not being accessible until a certain point or a special thing card is needed and you can't get it till later on. I had almost not troubles with finding the right thing cards. Some did give me some troubles like the Camera for Wendy's fight for example. And that's where the fin comes from. You gotta explore the world of Prisma Island and when you find something secret, you feel accomplished for doing it and it might help you on your journey. A lot of people will just try to head to the goal and not explore since it looks like a linear level, but just looking around can find even just a simple reward for exploring. These two games are good and really need to have some light shown down upon them and not being crumbled up into a ball and thrown into the trash.

    Judge me all you want, but this is only my opinion and my opinion is just as important and equal as everyone else's. So don't anyone dare think that they have a superior or a lesser opinion. All opinions are equal.

  5. I like Sticker Star’s battle system because you can collect stickers and display them in a museum too look at. And for once, you must obtain collectibles to beat the game without just having to play through normally without trying to collect little things to try to 100% the game.

  6. I personnaly enjoyed more color splash than ttyd because ttyd's exploration wasn't that good and some worlds were just continuos ennemi fight witch even with an awsome battle system is not so enjoyable, and I don't really enderstand why people hate color splash's battle system, you are rewarded for exploration and battle (with more paint and more powerfull cards) and the planing is much more present and makes you think what to use in the right time with personnaly a little bit of planning in combats is needed to make a good rpg.

  7. I personally have only played sticker star and the og one on wii u,but speaking of sticker star I loved that game, maybe its because I was like ten but I personally loved playing the game amd searching for the stickers, in fact I miss that game alot, the only thing I didnt like about it was that I could never beat the final boss, I just didnt get enough health

  8. 64: never played it
    TYD: never played it
    Super: Loved it, amazing story, unique enemies, not just Mario
    SS: Liked it, Things were sometimes funny to watch
    CS: Liked the focus on colors, but battle system wasn't as good

  9. The thing that actually worries me the most about "Origami King" is the lack of interestingly designed characters🤔
    Hopefully the battle system will be good though; while it may not look like the one we were hoping for, it definitely seems to have potential!🌟

  10. I know this will probably get lost in comments however my theory is the shiny boots are probably a new pair of boots you get. I.e shiny new boots.. like how in 64 and ttyd you’d find a new pair of boots in a big chest

  11. Im not gonna lie sticker star and color splashs battle system is my fav bc it just feels gun going around looking for stickers or cards and i think tudoor snd 64s battle system is kinda boring bc for the mario and luigi rpgs they already use that battle system and sticker star and color splash both try sum new and also the first paper mario game i beat was actually sticker star and im hyped 4 origami king like i preorded and everything but i might get color splash ina fall or sum but yea i again think all the games are still fire🔥

  12. To answer your question on each paper mario game from 1-10 and give an explanation on the bottom

    Paper Mario 64. 9/10
    Paper Mario TTYD. 10/10
    Super Paper Mario. 7/10
    Paper Mario Sticker. 2/10
    Paper Mario Color. 4/10

    Paper Mario 64: I really enjoy the game, the partners were great, the story is very good, the different chapters were fun the play in. It missed being a ten because when you complete the game you're done.

    Paper Mario TTYD: sequels don't usually become better than the originals but this game does make an acception. The game brought more color, I like the Bingo chance, the new story is outside of Mushroom Kingdom, everything in my mind said it was excellent. I played it over about five times

    Super Paper Mario: this one took a hurt a little bit for taking the stage out in the battle. It felt like Super Mario Bros theme paper the only. Thing that did help was the story was very good and that's why I did give it a high number.

    Paper Mario Sticker: aside that it sucked! The battle was irritating when you run out of stickers and objects like fan or bowling ball that you need in battle or continue your story, and your travel is a Super Mario Bros map not traveling like the first two either by fallowing pathways trails, pipes, or by boat/train/blimp. Your right that there's no point in battle to just waste stickers or time.

    Paper Mario Color: same downside as stickers but empty on the paint colors or no cards to battle.

    Paper Mario Origami: I'll hold my comment until I play the game.

  13. I don't hate SPM the story was okay, the characters were interesting, but Ididn't care for the Mac OS art style. Plus the pixls were pretty bland. Color Splash has good writing, music, and the visuals are amazing. The story could have been better but my biggest gripe with CS is that its boring.

  14. So, you like a battle system that blocks the enemy's attack at the last moment?
    I played Paper Mario 64 on my Wii U, but i haven't finished yet, i was stuck at the end of Chapter 2, unable to defeat those rock chain chomps, because i haven't enough objects that can health and/or giving FP, because i didn't have enough money to buy many of them, and to get money, you have to defeat some enemies. And when there is a level up, you have to chose, to upgrade your HP, upgrade your PF and Upgrade your PF, this is not from a real RPG.
    In Mario & Luigi, when you level up, you have an upgrade on everything.

    But my question is, why you want a remake of a hard game such as The Thousand Year Door, which the combat system is similiar, and you have to block the attacks at the last moment? Why you are so insane?

    I prefer Sticker Star amd Color Splash combat system, because you can block the enemy attacks anytime you want, and is much easier.

  15. but why the paper mario series start to getting big number on the battle in the first two games the small numbers was perfect to calculate and to make a strategy but now we have 50 in the beginning of the game why even the mario and luigi series that famous for a big number in the battle don't start with 50 hp so yah I hope the small numbers will return because the fun of the paper mario series wasn't doing a perfect move and a do a big damage it was to calculate your health and the enemy health and balance your resources to do a perfect strategy

  16. I hate how your partner dont have a health bar and if he take damage you can play in his turn
    I hate the lame backtracking in ttyd that no one talk about it
    I hate …. I hate….I hate that the pixels dont have any personalities
    I love NOTHING! about sticker star
    I love the visuals in color splash

  17. You painted Super Paper Mario as a New Super Mario Bros Game. The main part is to solve puzzles by flipping through 2D and 3D and using pixls. The story, plot line, and surprises are all like the first two. You suck. You are The reason people who haven’t been able to play this amazing game think it’s bad or the reason that Paper Mario “fell”. Yes, Sticker star sucked, but I loved Colour Splash.

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