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Ark Survival Evolved Modded Ark Primal Fear Mod Alpha Dragon Talamh Map New Update GamePlay Let’s Play
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-Continue the newest adventure on the Alpha Tribe server with Primal Fear on the Talamh Map !!!
-Go hunting for Alpha Bosses to tame !!!
-Tame our very own Alpha Dragon !!!
-Have fun going on a rampage with our new Alpha Dragon !!!

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  1. Hey DMAC! I know you probably get this a lot but are you still in touch with the hermits? And furthermore are you ever interested in returning to minecraft ever? Or is that in the past now? It would mean a lot for you to respond, keep doing what you are doing, your awesome! 😀

  2. Your mic sounds world's better then the other day. You're the perfect volume and pitch in this video. It's good to not need to turn your videos down to like a quarter volume now, so please honey keep it like this… You've really been too loud before.

    Love the videos Dmac keep up the hard work. 🔥

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