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How I made Evolve.. (Dubstep Project File Exploration!)

Yooo hope you guys are doing good! A couple people requested that make a recap video of evolve, here it is! Thank you guys for the support on this track! It was something different for me and I really had a good time making it. Hope you can learn something from this video or are slightly entertained, i love you all.
Intro 1:20
Mid Sections 3:37
Build Up 4:41
Older Ideas 6:07
Drop 7:38
Cool glitch fills effect 10:56


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40 comentários

  1. Dope vid bro. I have a shitty yt channel I occasionally post vids on and I used 2 of your songs in the vid. And shouted you out st the end of the video. You're talented as fuck dude. Keep up the good work

    P.s. the vid is uploading atm but just wanted to let you know ✌

  2. I have a question. You used a sample from the movie 300. Isn't that copyrighted? So is it legal to use samples from movies or games? I searched a lot, but always getting different results. Thanks for you help. And great song!

  3. hi Mayflwr can you make like ELSE Darius style music? Roche Musique record like DownTempo?or French house? i cant understand their structure ,I hope you can come out with a video tutorial. Thank you.

  4. you should do a tut on how to master a dubstep track so it sounds loud enough to compete with others in the industry. i can never get my master right and i think that’s what’s setting me back from playing my music live. great vid bro, this shit goes hard

  5. really?! Do you just download sounds from the Internet and create music?! Well, I think now people can just download a sample pack of cymatics and make their own track, and say it's an "idea", "feeling" or something else. Even making music just in serum is sound limiting, but right now the beatmakers or the music industry is a thing where you can just buy something good online and make "your own music", but I don't think it's art. It's like a hobby, it's like love to build in creative mode in Minecraft, I think it's easier for a beatmaker or such "musicians" to use Sony Vegas or Audiocity, I think their tracks won't change at all

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