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Maneater – All 5 Fully Evolved Shark Skins Gameplay (Maxed Out Evolution)

Maneater – All 5 Fully Evolved Shark Skins Gameplay (Maxed Out Evolution)
A Compilation of All 100% Evolved Sharks, The Bone, Shadow, Bio-Electric, Tiger and Normal Shark.
In this showcase you will see that The Tiger Shark and Shark Skin without any evolutions on it are by far the least strong ones, they have no special abilities and no upgrades to their disposal.


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29 comentários

  1. Game was fun .nice story but needs more content like maby fire and one of the landmarks when u see a giant locked door under water that should open and if we get to a certain level we can play as a mega or even a leviathan

  2. Really hoping they add an option in a some point that allows us to hide the body mods on the shark so we can have a custom shark but still look like a a normal shark. If that makes sense.

  3. How do you get the red striped skin? The evolutions are cool dont get me wrong, but they look kinda goofy, some other species would be cool, like maybe even some prehistoric sharks, like hybodus, megalodon, stethacanthus, stuff like that

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