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GOLIATH IS BACK! Evolve Gameplay Stage Two (NEW EVOLVE 2020 Monster Gameplay)

GOLIATH IS BACK in MORE NEW Evolve Gameplay Stage Two (NEW EVOLVE 2020 Monster Gameplay) as GhostRobo goes back to one of his favorite games of all time! Have YOU Gone back to Evolve Stage 2 at all to play during all of these troubling times? Let me know in the comments down below!

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  1. i swear with over half a million people watching you play a game that has been dead for 4 fucking years now shows that people would have loved a e sport scene for evolve if the devs just stuck with it and thought up a cool intreting tournament style and hopefully some game developer company picks up evolve to make the money it would have made in future…

  2. Dude when other ytubers talk I normally get a little bored but geez when u talk I'm interested for some reason,I get your point about this whole corona sht try too stay safe if it helped I dropped a sub

  3. Ghost robo – down to make a vid with a team of us still playing on Xbox competitively ? I feel like viewers would be down to see a few intense games w real players. Most of us have been playing since beta and have still been playing

  4. I still have the disk for this game but my Xbox doesn’t take discs anymore, it’s on its last legs right now, I don’t think it’ll make it through the week

  5. It would be better if the hunter can upgrade their skills similiar to the monster. Give hunter small mission like hunting small monster. The problem is how strong the monster at lvl 3. If we nerf the monster, game will be broke and unplayable for the monster.

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