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Evolve Bamboo GTR review!

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  1. How about you actually get into esk8 and check out other boards that are half the price and just as good or better than Evolve. Evolve is overpriced junk compared to Boosted. Boosted wasn’t cheap, but they were actual quality, well built boards with proprietary parts.

  2. Hi, a couple of questions, please. I keep seeing reports of motor plates breaking a lot and it is hard to ride above 35 KPH due to wobble. Just bit concerned about before buying, The other on the radar is the Epic.

  3. how dumb. its obviously the best remote on earth. they seperated the buttons because the triggers have a much longer moving range and its possbible to get the most precise feeling especially for the brakes. how cant you see that and feelbthe difference…

  4. Hey sam, love the review but one thing. The board is waterproof (pretty much) i got the bamboo GTR and ride it in the rain ALL THE TIME and i don’t mean light rain i mean heavy rain. although evolve dosn’t say it on there website they imply it in there videos. if you look at some of the videos on there youtube and there press interviews you’ll see evolve talk about the waterproofing they’ve done to the board. great review otherwise 🙂

  5. -why not seperate break and acceleration? In a car it’s seperate too. Makes me personally more confident in breaking if there is one leaver designated to do so, especially in emergency situations.
    -I never felt the need for a reverse, when I want to come to a stop I usually dismount with one foot, because I live in a very hilly place so always kick push to save energy when accelerating from 0.
    – a dead man switch for me is used to avoid accelerating when I don’t want it. As far as I’m concerned this only happens when I’m in a stand still, if I’m hanging the remote from the wrist strap for example. Every time I’m rolling I have the remote in my hand to stay in control.

    Tastes are different, me personally I love the evolve remote and can’t really use one like boosted.
    Apart from that I really like your video, ride safe!💪🏼

  6. I have the Carbon GT with a custom battery and love it! I also have a Boosted Mini X and a Dual + and go back to my evolve, every. single. time. I have over 3000mi on the evolve and at least 2000mi across the two boosteds. Having the other two boards is great when friends what to go riding, or I need the compactness of the Mini X but gosh darn it, the Evolve boards are just marvelous pieces of hardware. Evolves support team is also OUTSTANDING! Better than boosted. When I had my Mini X belts snap in the first 10mi because they were over tightened from the factory, I literally had to beg Boosted for a new set. Evolve has time and time again proven they are committed to making quality products and offer fantastic support.

  7. Evolve sucks! I have had 3 of their boards, pure cheaply made garbage and the remotes they have jeesh. Evolve also sells their backpacks for around $150, I have had 2 and it is basically made out of paper.

  8. Hmm no thanks I'll just stick to my longboard where I push and don't die. 25mph on a board is not a good idea day to day. One pot hole and you're fucked. And that is gonna break very quickly

  9. Good breakdown of the board. Awkward remote-glad someone else thought so too ☺️ no overheated motors yet? No cut off to eco mode unannounced? No remote disconnects? Plus 14 to 20 miles is hardly that good thesedays. Now you can get the Backfire Zealot for £600 with a 20 mile range and 30mph top speed. Plus you have the new Exway coming out soon. Something tells me Evolve can do better, but are milking the life out of the GTR range which 2 years ago would of been great – now? I’d make a hard pass as theres so much more you can get for your money.

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