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Evolved Lethality Miss Fortune | League of Legends (Season 10)

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Background Music (Bilgewater Event):
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  1. yes e is lowkey op range aoe that has slow and deals dot damage(sadly its magic but guess what item likes magic dot damage and slow) imo the utility/more damage e is a worth trade off for less ad as by mid game you could easily cast it 3-5 times before ult is up and while ult has less ap ratio the burn still procs and still benefits from madness it a worth item unless im going for a crit build

  2. My favorite support to play with is: Taric, Bard, Leona, Naut, or the dude that swallows you up (Only if the supports are good especially the Bard and Taric then I'll have an insanely fun game)
    You're so close to 20k man!

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