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  3. This is the definition of a Ponzi scheme. Existing members get paid from the money brought into the network by new members.
    The moment the hype dies down thousands of "newer" members will have lost their money while only the early adopters will have made a profit (based on the money of those that join later).


    FORSAGE !!



    Hi mam/sir gustu mubang kumita sa bahay lang ..gamit lang ang mobile phone mo..

    GUSTO MUNG KUMITA 2000 3000 5000 IN 1DAY TO 30K IN 1WEEK..

    ( IWAS COVID )
    (1200 PUHUNAN )

    Sali na kayu sa team namin 400 na kami.siguradung matutulungan nmin kayu 😊

    Pakipanood Po ang video salamat po ☺️

  5. This is nothing more a than an illegal cash gifting pyramid scheme wrapped up in a crypto smart contract. It is mathematically impossible for the majority of gifting participants to break even, let alone turn a profit, hence why most people will lose money in the long run. These types of money programs benefit only the scammers running them and the affiliates who join at the very beginning and is why gifting schemes are illegal.

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