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ARK: Survival Evolved – Crystal Isles | Anniversary Event

ARK’s Anniversary Event starts now! Today through Wednesday, June 24, survivors can participate in the Anniversary Event with Party Dodos, interactive cake, new chibis and surprises, and dazzling unicorns frolicking on rainbows. To honor the occasion, all breeding rates will be 2x, and 4x bonuses for taming, harvesting, and XP rates until the party is over!

Additionally the the fantasy-themed “Crystal Isles – ARK Expansion Map” is available for free download.

Visit www.survivetheark.com for more details.

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  1. Hello Epic Games Team !! … I would be very grateful if you could add STATE OF DECAY2 – (Undead Labs) to the epic games store for free 😀 … im sure that all the community will love it, and SOD2 was created with Unreal Engine 4 so, i feel that adding this game will be easy.

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