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How Does the Soul Evolve? – Yazhí Swaruu (Extraterrestrial Contact)

Today I will talk about, and it will be explained by Yazhí Swaruu herself, how she has evolved, and what has launched her into her spiritual expansion. The video is very important in order to understand her perspective more and more, much more metaphysical and much more expanded.

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  1. hey sis,its Doppy mondread dee,can you ask Jazhi to elaborate on the Egypte referense please and can you contact me in my chatbox on FB as i intend to join porces of freedom in Finland,terveet cadet is fin punkrock i used to listen to back in the 80ties when i was a Punk heh lol!!??sending /emanating much Love/wilpower/healing compassion andasadrummer "the art of the choosing of the right moment"freedom warriors we are sweet sistren!!!x

  2. Yazhi Swaruu seems to be living something that reminds me of the life I experience in my dream state. I'm curious what she would say about this. I have the form I want, I am where and when I want to be. I have experienced very vivid deaths, so I feel exactly what that is like and what to do. In the past year I seem to be more concerned with planetary changes and examining things like tsunami and volcanic lava eruptions survival. I am able to rewind and relive events in different scenerios or timelines. Always flying and feeling like its so easy and I cant remember how when I wake up. 3d feels very archaic, heavy, challenging. I decided to journal and started writing in a very different cursive pattern that is very conistent, looking more like a language of sort. I cant side with any of the drama in the world because I see so many perspectives and sides, I cannot judge, just observe and offer compassion for each individual experience. I love everybody. I feel everyone on Earth really suffering, or being scared, or rebellious. I see it all and I feel it all. I feel my trees in the garden. I feel Earth trembling gently, it wakes me. I feel my body vibrating, it wakes me. It's very interesting. We are definitely going through something big as humanity and I'm glad to be here. I feel Im helping and that is all that matters. Love to Gosia, Robert, Dale, TP crew and Swaruu.

  3. Is humanity facing what is akin to the 'Cambrian explosion of species'? Is this why we have seen this enormous intermingling of different species here – with hybridization and diversification of beings with different stellar origins? Is this what the 'Earth Experiment' was about the whole time – to seed the universe with another level of consciousness in 3D?

  4. My guess she is currently residing in Agartha (middle earth). Among the lyrians and other advanced races working to help us "surface dwellers)". Thanks Gosia very eye opening

  5. I wonder what Svaruu would tell us about the Blueprinter Soul group? We are starseeds without a planetary home is my understanding. Where do we go when we leave 3D? Wherever we choose to go yes but it feels sad to know I don’t have a star family as such because Blueprinter souls come straight from source.

  6. Really really love that video and it's evolved and very uplifting perspective!!!! So amazing to listen to that very high vantage point! Without that extreme dualistic point of view it feels more home and familiar to me what' s going on down here in crazy abstrusistan! Thanks for sharing!

  7. Ok so how does this effect the 3d misery and troubles of earth, will she be able to explain to the logical races that its "unfair" for them to be over an emotional races of beings that they will never understand. Is the planet as a whole back on track to the 5d ascension? Our are we already there? How does her perception of time effect the many councils that govern the various "d's". If you are source and at the source but not at the source are you even anywhere at all. Is she only a logical individual, or is she still capable of emotion. If we are as all one source, is she there even if we are not and late to the party as it were. From this as i can understand the source is not of the dimensions but is the dimensions, perhaps this is why i see certian things yet i am unsure if these things are of the past or future. Much to ponder in this one Small Wing.

  8. Wow this is my new favorite video! I had so many flashbacks and/or flashforwards! I especially loved how she brought up children being able to see other lives and timelines pertaining to multidimensionality because I experienced this exact thing when I was around 12 years old and it started my down a spiritual path that lead me to be here today watching these videos, further validating and confirming that which I already knew to be true for me! I overstood so much that was discussed in this video that it gave me goosebumps and made my spine tingle! I have witnessed the evolution of my own higher self or soul from that of a warrior class state of being to a more peaceful, humble, service to ALL state of being, all while still in this incarnation when I was younger! So to hear Yahzi Swaruu’s perspective of self at this juncture of her journey was so awesome and felt spot on! Thank you as always Gosia for sharing!!!

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