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How 2 families’ conversations on race have evolved over years of injustice

“Nightline” first met with the Kaye and Jones families in 2014 after the deaths of Michael Brown and Eric Garner. Six years later, the teen boys and their fathers share their perspectives.

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  1. Jimmy kimmel says all is fine blah, blah blah. Im just taking a couple of months off.
    Now that he's being exposed for all of his black facing routines and use of the n word in the midst of all this chaos we know he on the run lol. He out shopping for an island. Run Jimmy Kimmel, run.

  2. If coward congres and presidt dont give death penalty to all those uniform skinhead murderers (never indicted) or close all bootcamps and evil fraternities (nest of most racism drugs and violations) then people continue marching with parade drums until all justice is completed. Let anonymus and wikileaks post those racist murderers info address pictures published at airports, stations and time square as criminals to beware just as child predators. That will destroy their lives until they say I cant breath. https://youtu.be/26FPrR-_klg

  3. Bubba Wallace is just another Jussie Smollett, trying to further his career in this chaos we are in since hes proven hes no Nascar driver. The so called noose is a year plus old, doesn't function as a noose because its not. Its a rope used to pull down a garage door lol. Nice try again fake, partisan news. You people r sick

  4. Two problems … 1 if you are being arrested and take the officers weapon, you are trying to hurt another human being … 2 if you have Coronavirus and are in the street you are threatening other people … what the bet that both cases are thrown out of court … Police were correct in both cases.

  5. Yes I am the white kid in that video. I just want to defuse some things I’ve seen written here, particularly claims that this was a setup or that we were promted on what to say. I can tell you the clip of me when I was 10 asking what is happening in Ferguson was prompted, as I was little and not totally aware of the content of the interview. Everything else was my own words, and all of it, particularly what I said this time around, is stuff I will stand by forever and words that I put in my own mouth. I know many won’t believe that but you’ll have to take my word for it.

  6. This gives me hope for the next generation I hope we get more kids like this who want to listen and who want to fight for change. Proud of these two boys hope they continue to fight for change!

  7. Waking up Americans! Talking down CCP is only way to stop the pandemic , only way to win the war with CCP and only way to win the election no matter which party you belongs to! ⚠️⚠️⚠️⚠️⚠️whoever turn down The status which is indicated the history of US are my enemy!

  8. I'm a Puerto Rican male. And when I was a kid, I saw my father get arrested multiple times. He was never disrespectful to the officers. He ALWAYS was polite and courteous. And because of that, he never spent more than 8 hours in jail. I myself was arrested too and I also was polite and nonresistant to the officers and because of that, I only spent 2 hours in jail. Why can't black people be like myself and my father?

  9. I adopted a black kid years ago half the season prove liberals are idiots. Any way he paid his own way through college after he bought a new Scion. Blacker than the ace of spades, we taught him he's a man only losers play the color excuse makers game unless its naked Twister .

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