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Horizon Forbidden West PS5 Trailer Analysis: The Decima Engine Evolves!

Sony climaxed its software reveal for PlayStation 5 with a true next-gen showcase – our first look at Horizon Forbidden West captured directly from the console. In this video, Alex Battaglia stacks up the latest iteration of the Decima Engine against its last two outings on PlayStation 4. How has Guerrilla Games improved the tech and to what extent is what we’re seeing actually representative of in-game visuals?

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49 comentários

  1. Lol you guys realize that footage can be prerendered (in engine but higher poly models for cutscenes or etc) they aren't real gameplay segments. Just wait till there's real footage.

  2. To me the spot where you said the foliage doesn't move, looks like the only shot with actual gameplay. That being said, I think this game looks awesome. I mean, I think the last one looked awesome, so I can only imagine what they have cooking.

  3. They're most likely using Fuzz maps for the body hair. Doesn't require cards but can give the effect of hair on the body. Then again, with the ability to push more polys, they could well be using geo for it on specific characters like Aloy.

  4. It had better support gyro aim. I used it in Splatoon and Breath of the Wild, and now I cannot go back. This game is the main reason I want to get a PS5, and if it doesn't have gyro aim, I might end up deciding against getting a PS5.

    I cannot stand games without gyro aim.

  5. Let's be honest non of this is real time, the ps5's specs should give you an okay bump in quality over the previous game but this is all promotional scripted scenes running on a dev kit with 2-3x the horsepower.

  6. Haven't people still not learned from the Watch Dogs trailer downgrade controversy? Don't get me wrong, I have no doubt that Forbidden West is gonna look fantastic, but already judging mostly pre-rendered teaser footage (and without actual gameplay) right now is a mistake I think.

  7. The specs of the PS5 aren’t mind blowing but when ya compare them to the base PS4 & PS4 Pro then think about what devs achieved on current Gen systems for the first Horizon Zero Dawn that’s when you can sort of imagine just how much better the Forbidden west is gonna be both visually, and performance wise as the ultra fast ssd should eliminate all texture pop in, and or foliage pop in, etc along with permitting huge open draw distances, and generally far more advanced than Horizon Zero Dawn which was already Uber impressive for a current gen console, and so while the specs of PS5 might not seem super impressive to Pc gamers the fact is consoles are closed loop systems with ultra low level graphics Api, and deep console level developer optimization which push consoles far past equivalent paper spec Pc’s, and so anyone thinking PS5 won’t be an amazing next Gen machine simply don’t have a good understanding of how consoles can do far more than equal paper Spec Pc setups

    Horizon Forbidden West should look just as good as this trailer in real time as I see no reason why this level of graphics can not be achieved on PS5

  8. Sony did great so many little details you know the dead fox in the water and it rising I didn't even know there was water and please don t just say your favorite console what is faster xbox x or ps5 I think ps5?

  9. I still can't believe people actually still believe that material from a Trailer is worth anything. :/ It is a fucking trailer!!!! How do you not learn? Most games don't look as good at the end of the day. And you here still trying argue for them just by looking at high quality renders for trailers ./

  10. Why on earth are you overanalyzing a cinematic trailer? Nothing in them is being rendered in real time, its all prerendered footage. They can add all the LOD and foliage sway they want to if they don't have to render 60 frames of the footage in a single second.

    What a fucking stupid, worthless video.

  11. With this video you guys sold me Horizon 2 and PS5
    Nubis got me blown mind. never expected that. The wave break is another great thing that even hitman 2 on ultra doesnt have it.
    Honestly i sayed: horizon 2 isnt much different from 1st on visual,but today i went see the new trailer for pc and coming here to see the horizon 2 i say: wooow! its very very better! even comparing to death stranding,the ray tracing here make it much better
    honestly i say:thank you for this video,what you guys showed here really explains the advanced technology and how forward they bring horizon 2. i didnt ever saw much of clous on horizon 1 and never stopped to look into it.
    The lights and better resolution/render makes alloy cloth much better and more 'heavy' when looking into this trailer,ambient oclusion appears to be better as well.

  12. I dont agree with Sony launching exclusives on PC, later on Horizon fobiden west will probably come to PC so they cant say this is an exclusive ps5 game, this is fake marketing.

  13. I am eager to see the real results when a ps5 and the first games are available. I don't think the ps5 is going to do magic, I don't think they will look much better than current pc games on a high end pc. If I buy the ps5 it will be for the same reason that I bought the ps4, for the exclusive games that are going to come out, if they are worth it as was the case with Uncharted and Horizon Zero Dawn, (which is now going to come out for pc!)

  14. I believe that Ted Faro has to be alive in some way. Possibly cryosleep to send the signal to wake HADES, and make sure the things went according to plan, or that he is living through someone. I would also like a theory of some of Aloys friends being clones of the alphas. Charles Ronson=Varl , Samina = Vanasha(Sona?), Travis Tate = Teb, Patrick Brochard= erend, and Margo Shen = Talana Khan Padisch

  15. Great respect and admiration for @DigitalFoundry but what is it worth to draw conclusions and compare a non gameplay trailer of HZD FW (2020?) to gameplay of HZD (2017) and DS (2019)? Or do you guys know something we don’t? As to me this clearly ain’t gameplay, which you also state around 10 minutes but what os this worth then?

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