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How I Evolved Spiritually | My Entire Journey (with footage)

These are the ups and downs of my journey of awakening. For a while, it was riddled with both so much truth and so much sadness. My consistent yoga practice and strengthening of neuropathways to choose love in moments of fear really changed everything for me and finally anchored my beliefs.
The past few years have felt so much more still, stable, and discerning.
It’s not that I don’t have bad days now, its that I know how to cope with them and I know not to create from an energetic place of fear. I used to think of ending my life anytime I was overwhelmed in the slightest, I now know things do not need to escalate that far. I use those moments to show myself the most love. I revere and celebrate the tiny gifts life brings me every single day. I feel my spirits, guides, and ancestors watching over me, sending me omens and intuitions. The more still I become, the more I forget who I am, the more an entirely new world opens up to me, all my potential realities revealing themselves. Stillness brings me to the deepest level of expansion.

Wherever you are in your journey is beautiful, you are worthy in all moments.

I was so focused on hitting every main point so I definitely come off a little more serious and focused in this video, and my timeline jumped around at different points as I went on tangents. But honestly I’m so proud of this progress and happy to share that growth is truly not linear. I feel like my future self was always beckoning and guiding me along through my sadness, reminding me of all the wisdom I carried. We all carry wisdom within us. The more we clear and empty our minds and energetic field, the more we will receive.

P.S. On the right side of the thumbnail it says “worthy” I was always worthy, but now I am fully aware of it and that changes everything.

Book Recommendations in the order I read them:
The amount of stars is how life-changing they were heh
The Secret ***
Gems of Buddhist Wisdom **
The 4 Noble Truths *
The Power of Now ***
The Alchemist & The Zahir ***
Hatha Yoga Pradipika *
The Baghavaad Gita as interpreted by Paramahamsa Yogananda ****
Autobiography of a Yogi ***
A Return to Love ****
Becoming Supernatural ****
The Sophia Code ****
There’s a lot I’m forgetting but I’ll come back and update as I remember!

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– Hitomi Mochizuki –
Hey I’m Hitomi! I love taking deep mindful breaths and honoring every side of myself.. All the light, dark and shadow. Subscribe for fashion inspiration, self love practices, long rambles on spiritual truths and wholesome stuff all around!





What are your spiritual beliefs?
I currently resonate deeply with Tantra and Hinduism. Buddhism will always play a part in my life as well! 

Thank you for being just who are you.
With so much love,


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  1. i love you sm ugh im going to school in sb too and ever since ive come here its been really rough n hard to stay positive but im so grateful i came across this video and heard about how you overcame those dark periods of your life :1)) thank you

  2. My beautiful baby
    Say hare hare krishna whole day without thinking anything.
    I am sure you will know everything or I send 2000 dollar to your account

  3. I live in Rockville by Shady Grove and I wish I would have known you in high school. I always felts like the odd one out and I went through most of my spiritual journey being called a weirdo/hippie/witch. And now those same people are trying to heal themselves and become more enlightened.

  4. I can relate like a mirror. I hope you release the role that was created for you and come into the role you feel happiest as you create one for yourself. You're a beautiful being. Also, have you ever thought that your sensitive vibrations were maybe a sign that you're an empath?

  5. Thank you for being so honest about your healing process. It's so hard to realize that having bad moments doesn't cancel out all the hard work we put into ourselves, so this video was really helpful. Staying hopeful and positive can be hard, but it does get easier. Stay strong, everyone!

  6. Currently struggling with Needing to be, be isolated, in nature and alone to find myself ….again.
    Trying to figure out how to learn to love yourself and Begin Self care when having to care for others. Currently pregnant, mother of a 2 and 7 year old with taking in a 10 year old sister!!!!! Lol

    Anyone sharing my space or have advice?

  7. thank you for sharing your story hitomi <3 i listened while i cleaned & just resonated with so much! i'm really working right now on letting go of old stories/knowing when it is time to :') loved what u said about all that! sending you so many blessings where you are now!

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