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MEGAPITHECUS BOSS FIGHT (ALPHA) – PART 49 – Ark: Survival Evolved (Co-Op)

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  1. When I first started playing ark, I tamed an Allo, and this is before my undying hatred for allos, and I lived on the island by the red ob. I kept her by a cliff, and one day I came home, and she just wasn't there. I serceh everywhere, and couldn't find her. I guessed she had just chaced a Dilo or something, fell into the water, and gotten lost. Then, like two weeks later, I look out to the ocean and what do I see? She was swimming home. Two this day, I still have no clue what she got up to, and she had so much raw fish/normal meat on her. I had named her Otachi, which made it kind of funny. Moral of the story? Never give up on your dinos. Even if you hadn't found Rexy, he probobly would have made his way home eventualy.
    Also, you can use your frog (sorry I forgot the name) to gather so much cementing paste. They can harvest it from bugs, so maybe take it to the cave in the south (the easy one) and you won't ever need to worry about cementing paste ever again. And I still stand by my recomendation of getting Terror birds to do caves in the futchure, because they can glide, and thats really good for caves with ledges.

  2. This is the saddest video by far.we lost R.E.X 739,Spencer,Rexy,Etc.(I later found out that some survived but still)I LOST SOME OF MY FAVORITES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!😭😭😭😭🤬🤬🤬🤬(not actual cussing)

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