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Naked and Afraid!!! – ARK Survival Evolved

Simon joins the crew in Crystal Isles!!!

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32 comentários

  1. Hey guys, sorry this episode is kind of short just the way it worked out, but next week's episode is really solid!!! They leave the beach and start to travel and really shows what the series will be like! 😁

  2. i liked the far cry thing you did, but i like all you guys do. you massively helped me as a mental self care at the moment with shit hitting the fan lol , i in it for good man, lets make this a colt or a film lol

  3. Appsro absolutely has to keep up his documentary, I enjoy it immensely. What does get old is the rest of the crew making a big thing about it. Specifically neebs obsession with the “shot” and some of doras more obtuse interruptions.

  4. I got the Ponyboy reference. Was thinking about the book before you mentioned it, lol.
    Had to read Outsiders as part of an assignment in my English class… and I'm definitely not from the 60's.
    Great book, though.

  5. Hold the fuck up. You mean to tell me….that Simon who can't remember things that happened to him an episode again…was able to remember the name from a Book/movie from the 60's?

    edit Maybe Simon will start being more appreciative to the team and understand how much of his weight they carry on a daily basis after this.

  6. That "pig" is a Phiomia, a godlike creature giving us poop for fertilizer to grow our plants and giving meat to carnivores so they can survive all hail the holy Phiomia

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